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A StatusHub for more than just your customers


  • Keep support teams focused on...
  • Avoid having to repeat the same thing to each department
  • Don’t distract everyone with company wide emails
  • Analyse performance of systems and responders over time


  • Inform customers in advance of potential outages
  • Reduce support calls and tickets
  • Keep customers confidence with your commitment to transparency
  • Avoid confusion by updating all channels in one place

How does it work?

Let StatusHub do all the work - while you take care of more pressing issues.

1. Simple and efficient…

Experiencing unexpected downtime? Instantly change status of a service through our API or create a new incident manually. Send updates using available communication channels - e-mail, SMS, webhook or Twitter.
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Doing planned maintenance? Select affected services and describe what's going to happen. Automatically notify users in advance when it starts and once the service is restored.
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2. third Party integration

API Create hooks within your app to trigger updates to your status page with our easy to use API.
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PagerDuty, VictorOps, UptimeRobot, StillAlive & Pingdom integrations

Connect StatusHub to your PagerDuty, VictorOps, UptimeRobot, StillAlive or Pingdo account and it will automatically update your status site.

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3. Twitter integration

Inform your followers with an optional tweet by connecting StatusHub with your twitter account.

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Keep your clients informed by allowing subscriptions via email, SMS, or webhook.

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5. Custom branding

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6. Access Anywhere

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