Hosted status pages for
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Custom service statushubs keeping your users up to date.

Your Personal Frontpage Keep your customers in the know with a custom statushub front page.

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Global Availability For maximum up-time when you need it most

statushub helps you from minute one
Support the goals for every part of your business

Communicate downtime in an open and transparent way

Transparency about downtime is a good thing. Your users will appreciate your accountability to them. Putting this power into the hands of your operations team will provide an easy to use, single-pane-of-glass for them to pro-actively manage any service interruptions and maintenance windows quickly and easily

Reduce call volumes to your operations teams

Your operations team can focus on issue resolution instead of handling calls and e-mails about service return ETA’s

Single channel approach

By having a clear, easy to understand single point of truth around the progress of any issue whether it’s planned or unplanned, the consistency around updates to your subscribers will be trusted

Maintenance-window friendly

By scheduling maintenance windows in your statushub, you are pro-actively letting those who may be affected know in advance, during and after of the progress

Pro-actively telling your customers saves you and them time and money

Downtime happens. It's inconvenient to everyone. How you manage the communications around it from the first moment can make or break you. When statushub tells your customer something is wrong before your customer discovers it for themselves, you're saving them time and money finding out what happened, and reducing the chances of a support request by phone or e-mail

Less tickets = less firefighting

Customers receiving pro-active updates around the progress of a status change on a services and having them access your statushub will radically reduce the number of support tickets you will need to deal with, and give them a consistent experience no matter the scale of the incident

Keep customers happy

Your customers want to know what's happening as soon as possible. Statushub's pro-activeness will help you achieve that and keep your customers happy

Providing great support to your customers is your focus, not firefighting

Helping your customers have a great experience with your services is core to your business, not fire-fighting incidents. Let statushub help you reclaim your business focus to grow your business and help support your customers

Make Accountability Easy

After any incident, helping your management team understand what happened in a clear, understandable and time-lined manner is important. Being able to do this quickly and easily will allow for a better decision making process in how to tackle future occurrences or similar key to how you grow from an incident

Communication internally and upward is equally important

As important as it is to keep paying customers updated, keeping internal management updated is equally as important. Enabling them to be part of the information flow as part of the natural process of how statushub works makes this easy

Never miss an update again

With statushub's easy-to-use incident management system, regular updates are quick and easy so the right people know what's going on at the right time

StatusHub helps you demonstrates commitment and Trust

By providing a statushub, you show your customers your continued commitment to your service improvement, service accountability and service transparency so they can trust your services and your business

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